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Aura and Spiritual Cleansing

We all accumulate unwanted energies in our day to day life. Whether it’s from a stressful work life which at the end of the week leaves you no time to unwind or a busy home life filled with noisy kids at the dinner table, we all need regular aura cleansing to maintain our health and well-being. That is where Christine's Psychic Readings finally comes in to perform an aura cleansing!

Just like washing our hands or different parts of our body to remove all traces of dirt to stay clean, there are different approaches to aura cleansing which can help your energy from getting polluted and give you that same clean feeling. For those of us who need a light cleansing, nature provides us with natural elements which can help us in the healing process. Just like we use water to maintain our hygiene, bathing in Epsom salts not only helps wash away the dirt physically, but also stimulates the flow of your energy and draws out the minor psychic particles. Sunlight also helps! Bask in the sun and let its warmth cleanse your aura.

For those who need a more heavy cleansing, Christine is a life coach who can perform an aura meditation. She will put your mind and body at ease. You will feel relaxed as she releases unwanted energies from your being through chakra balancing. With her spiritual cleansing, you will achieve a healthy balance by centering and grounding your mind and body when meditating.

With Christine's Psychic Readings, clients can attest to the accuracy of her psychic readings. Her psychic abilities can help you keep the energy you need and cast away the energy you don’t. If you’re in the Boca Raton, FL area and are looking to cleanse every part of your being, contact Christine today and experience an aura cleansing which you will carry with you the rest of your life!