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Psychic Medium

When Christine's Psychic Readings performs a mediumship session, she says a prayer to the creator for protection of white light of love and divine protection. She asks for our watchful spirit guides, to enter our space as well as your loved ones that you need to connect with. Within a certain time frame, they enter our space.

She feels how they passed away, recognize the things they did in life, memories they had with you and others. When they communicate with her, they love to talk about things that are happening in your life currently as well as after they pass away. They tell you they are very much aware of you and still a very big part of your life. We see images and hear their thoughts through their energy. That is how mediumship works for Christine.

She is a life coach who helps clients through their hard times in life, relaying messages from spirit to whom needs to hear it is what our services aim for. Working with positive energy brought uncovered through an aura cleansing, white light of spirit guides we hope to show you hope as well as give you closure with any worries that trouble your mind.

Christine's psychic readings do not depend on us but on the energy and spirits of the world and beyond. However because Christine's Psychic Readings has been blessed with psychic abilities, her mediumship sessions are always successful. Let her help guide you on your journey through life.

Christine will always do her best to connect with the person you choose. Sometimes it may not be the right time for you or them, their spirits knows what is best for our highest good. If you are in the area of Boca Raton, FL and are in need of spiritual cleansing or would like to connect with a loved one, contact Christine's Psychic Readings today! She is a psychic medium who wants to show you she is the real thing!